Thursday, August 9, 2012

Corona Discharged

corona discharged paper crane meehehee 

You probably haven't known yet that I have "reopened" this blog for like three times. I forgot the reason why  I did on the first time, but the second time was because the blog of my domain which I won from a competition at bubble (now Klue) expired, and I had no idea on renewing it. Since I felt it was pretty expensive back then and that I had no paypal account and all. 

And for the third time this time, I don't know... I just felt like it. Since the content of this blog was so freaking embarrassing and that I mainly wrote in Bahasa, I decided to delete all the posts I had and started it over. I don't plan to close rainingd though, it will still be my once-in-xxx-months-escape :p

CORONA DISCHARGE didn't come out of nowhere I swear. I previously thought that I should name this blog Electric Brewed which was pretty random. And then I came into my writer's block escape, wordnik and randomly typed the word "Electric", scanned through the bottom of page and found the word. 

Now that I have told you, it did come from nowhere. 

Blogger had made so much change on the interface. The last time I used it was when I recorded the screen of myself typing the blog post for one of my movie projects in the eighth grade. Now that I remember it, it was such a stupid story line for a freaking movie. It was about a traveller who was also a blogger who was planning to go to Vietnam but because he bumped to a person at the airport, the passports and the tickets of those two people were accidentally switched and this man ended up in Indonesia, specifically in Grand Indonesia (where I shot the scenes). senseless.

lmfao. I remember how hard the bump was because my two big friends really bumped to each other and after we finished shooting the scene they were like.. it hurts you stupid. 

Anyway, I never really introduced Gen to you. If you perhaps are following me on twitter, I have mentioned him a few times in my random tweet and you are probably wondering who he is. 

No, he is not some kind of "the man of my dreams" or someone like that. He's my laptop. 

Yes, my four-year-old Acer laptop.

now that you've seen the interface, it's not really HE we're talking about is it?
I'm so proud of him. Though he's old, he's really tough. lmfao, I mean he's freaking four years old and it's the almighty Acer we're talking about. Yes its battery had already been drained so much that it will only last for less than 30 minutes. 30 minutes is the longest if I just use it to write my fics up.

He's got everything nowadays' laptops don't :3

icons from left->right: Power Director , Google Sketchup, Corel Painter, Photoshop, MS. Word, Longman Dictionary. teehee :3

I have done my Intermediate 2 final test on Elo. It was hard, yes. A day before the test I just remembered that I haven't returned my friend's note. I felt really terrible. He was already so kind to lend me the note a week before. But fortunately he just laughed it off when I came really early to apologize for forgetting to return the note and let him study a bit. I thought he was going to quickly eat the paper once he saw it but no. 

He put it in his bag. 

That's enough to make him a monster really. The paper contained all the notes for 1 of the 3 units Vocab and  was contained of more than 100 numbers. 

My report came out quite satisfying and I got Bs for all tests. Not a single A appear on it, neither do C, fortunately. 

Anyway. This year's graphic design's subject in school was pretty interesting. My teacher took product design as the year's topic. So we had to invent a product, anything would be fine and then we first have to make the design, then we'll make the prototype, the business calendar, the promotional poster and the paper bag. Maybe we'll also make its baliho. lol,jk.

But it's worth suggesting I suppose xD

Mine is some kind of toy-camera-shaped polaroid. And I lamely named it Toyroid. OK, I have no choice. Told you I'm really helpless in making titles. 

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